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Dr. Allen Whitten and Dr. Daniel Kosobucki formed Elite Family Medicine in 2019 and partnered with Concierge Medicine of Columbus, Inc., Dr. Linda Moore, Dr. Ronald Hudson, Alicia Turner, PA and Susan S. Westerlund, M.D., Gynecology, Women’s Health and Wellness in 2018. Elite Family Medicine, Concierge Medicine and Gynecology, Women’s Health and Wellness partnered together and formed one company with three departments. Dr. Westerlund expanded her practice to add Amanda Brown, NP in October 2020 and in January 2021, Richard E. Stephens, M.D. joined Gynecology, Women’s Health and Wellness and the company added a new location of 860 Brookstone Centre Parkway, Columbus, GA. Dr. Stephens and Dr. Westerlund are both located at the new location which is directly behind Concierge Medicine and Elite Family Medicine. In March 2021, the company welcomed John M. Jenkins, M.D. Board Certified Family Medicine physician located in the 850 Brookstone Centre with Dr. Kosobucki and Dr. Whitten. The company has continued to grow from first opening Concierge Medicine of Columbus, Inc. in April 2018, in June 2018 welcoming, Susan S. Westerlund, M.D. -Gynecology, in 2019, expanding primary care services with the addition of Drs. Kosobucki, Dr. Whitten, LaDonna Ledford, NP and Amanda Elkins, NP in January of 2019 and finally in 2021 welcoming Richard E. Stephens, (Gynecology) and John M. Jenkins, M.D. (Family Medicine). We are committed to providing valuable medical services and caring for our patients and the community.

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850 Brookstone Centre, Suite 200,
Columbus, GA 31904
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